Our Mission
The focus of Therapy Partners is to serve our partners in healthcare in their mission to
provide remarkable healthcare through exceptional people delivering state-of-the-art care.
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Our Vision
Therapy Partners is passionate about delivering therapy services that are compliant,
efficient, and effective resulting in functional outcomes that allow patients to take charge
of their lives.
The Company
Therapy Partners LLC is a privately owned and operated provider of rehab management,
staffing, and consulting services offering physical therapy, occupational therapy and
speech-language pathology expertise to a wide variety of healthcare settings.  

Founded in 2010 by a passionate group of healthcare providers, Therapy Partners LLC has
established itself as a team partner whose goal is to provide complete therapy services
including management expertise that is responsive to the distinctive needs of each local
community. We make available consistent support to all of our partners, as Therapy
Partners is committed to a
relationship driven team approach.

Our aim is to serve our partner communities by striving for exceptional clinical care,
customer service, and delivery of therapy services that are effective, efficient and
compliant with all regulatory agencies.

We strive to make our services convenient and accessible for all of our customers.  Our
goal is to help healthcare facilities help themselves in the delivery of outstanding
rehabilitation services. Our rehabilitation programs encourage patients to take an active
role in the recovery process, assisting them in reaching their full potential as quickly as

Therapy Partners provides rehab programs, management support and training that is
unmatched in the industry.
Keith Walker
Financial Officer
Phone:     (919) 554-0447